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The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan is FREE for anyone to join. We would never ask for a membership fee or any subscription on any social media platform.

We help you understand and learn about bitcoin and the technology it works on. This because we truly believe the future of finance is digital and it will help every industry, including banks and governments to conduct business faster, better and more efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Qestions

Is bitcoin legal in Pakistan?

Short answer: It’s complicated.

Bitcoin is not explicitly banned nor permissible. There have been a few arrests by the FIA but those were charged for money-laundering. For more information click here.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital, peer-to-peer cash system which is not controlled by any government, company or country. It is run by a network of specialized computers over the internet. 

It is also called “The money of internet” and “Money of the peope” by many. Click here if you want to learn more about bitcoin.

Can I get paid in bitcoin?

Yes. If you are a freelancer working on the internet and your employer accepts to pay you in bitcoin.

Do keep in mind that exchanging bitcoin into PKR can be challenging due to a lack of legally operated exchange in Pakistan. This might change with time.

Earning bitcoin as an investment works fine.

Otherwise ask your employer for Direct Bank Payments or use other online payment processers facilitating in Pakistan. 

How can I buy or/and sell bitcoin in Pakistan?

Due to a lack of a centralized exchanges in Pakistan people use different p2p(peer to peer/person to person) options to buy and sell bitcoin. This method is less efficient compared to a traditional exchange but still provides a way to access the market at this point in time.

There are quite a few platforms you can try if you want to access this market.

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Important Notice

Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies are not banned nor illegal in Pakistan. We do not buy, sell or deal in cryptocurrencies. We are not involved in any such activity in anyway nor do we promote, encourage or suggest anyone in doing so. “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan” is the primary community of people focused on spreading the awareness of the technology called bitcoin. We believe bitcoin can be used in every sector, opening new doors especially in exporting and emering countries – which is among the top countries in exporting IT services to developed nations like United States, Europe and Australia. If you want to learn more about “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan”, we would encourage you to join the community and see how cool, friendly and passionate we are in learning and sharing new things and with that helping our country succeed. We all love our Pakistan.

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