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We support bitcoin and open-blockchain companies in Pakistan
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The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan is FREE for anyone to join and we would never ask you for membership fee or any subscription on any social media platform.

We help you understand and learn about bitcoin and the technology (blockchain) it works on. Because we believe the future of finance is digital and it will help every industry, banks and governments to conduct business faster, better and more efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Qestions

Is Bitcoin Legal in Pakistan?

Short answer: No.

Bitcoin is currently being regulated in Pakistan. And there’s no clear answer to this question because it’s hard to say but trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is illegal in Pakistan. For more information click here.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital, peer-to-peer cash system which is not controlled by any government, company or country. It is run by network of online computers over the internent. 

It is also called “The money of internet” and “Money of the peope” by many. Click here if you want to learn more about bitcoin.

Can I Get Paid in Bitcoin?

Yes. If you are a freelancer working on the internet and your employer wants to pay you in bitcoin then you can accept bitcoin payments. But it would be hard for you to convert it into cash in Pakistan because there no legally operated crypto exchange in Pakistan. 

So it depends on you. If you are willing to just hold it as investment then you can accept bitcoin payments otherwise ask for Direct Bank Payments or you can use other online payment processers working in Pakistan. 

How Can I Sell Bitcoin in Pakistan?

It’s hard to sell bitcoin in Pakistan as there is no legally operated crypto exchange in Pakistan where you can sell your bitcoin for Pakistani Rupees that you can get in your bank account.

But there are quite a few methods that you can try if you want to sell your bitcoin in Pakistan for cash.

Farooq Ahmed

President & Director

It’s very hard for newbies to get the correct information & directions in the space. We at “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan” help individuals and companies with information and our network.

Mohsin Ali

Vice President

I believe the future of finance is digital and there would only be one true digital currency of the internet and at this point I see bitcoin being the one.

Salman Muzahir

Community Head

Highly passionate about the future of bitcoin in Pakistan and spreading the awareness in young Pakistani people is the greatest thing. I write comics in my part time.

Rana A. Akram

Head of Legal Team


Operations Manager



We are looking for volunteers to help us with manging and organizing events. 
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Important Notice

Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies are banned or illegal in Pakistan. We do not Buy, Sell or Deal in cryptocurrencies. And we are not involved in any such activity in any way nor we promote, encourage or suggest anyone in doing so. “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan” is just a community of people focused on spreading the awareness of the technology behind bitcoin i.e blockchain, we believe blockchain would be used in many sectors in future, opening new doors especially for IT sector and tech people in Pakistan – which is among the top countries in exporting IT services to developed nations like United States, Europe and Australia. If you want to learn more about “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan”, we would encourage you to then join the community and see how cool, friendly and passionate we are in learning new things and so helping our country succeed because we all love Pakistan.

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