Here’s how you can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan:

1. Buying Peer-to-Peer

You can use p2p platforms if you have your fiat in your local bank account (PKR), Wise or Payoneer account.

You can use Binance P2P and find traders according to your payment method.

If you are looking for smaller trades you can check out Paxful for p2p deals.

Traders on P2P platforms charge premium, ranging from 7% and goes as high as 15% depending on the trade size & payment method.

So always check the price & premium you are paying before making a p2p deals.

Note: Binance & Paxful ask you to KYC before allowing you to buy Bitcoin.

2. Direct peer to peer deals:

You can also find traders on Binance or Paxful who you can handover the hard cash in person and they will give you #Bitcoin

But this seems risky and not for everyone, especially in Pakistan and for large volume deals.

3. Non KYC Bitcoin

I tried to use but there seems to be no traders available in the area.

Maybe in the future? Keep checking it out as its the most secure way to get non-KYC #Bitcoin

4. Get paid in Bitcoin

If you are a programmer, designer or a social media marketer you can always find online gigs to offer your services in exchange for Bitcoin as payments.

Or if you already have an employer, ask them to pay you in bitcoin, maybe a part of your stipend?

5. Sell stuff for Bitcoin

Our friends at launched a marketplace for selling anything for bitcoin. Its called SatsCrap you can list anything and get payment directly in bitcoin.

Checkout their website:

6. Find a Bitcoin Job

Finally, you can find a Job that pays in Bitcoin, There are thousands of open positions that will pay you in #Bitcoin

Check out Bitcoiner Jobs website for jobs that matches your skill set: